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The Main hall

  Length 19.4m (63')   Width 8m (26')   Height 3.24m (10'6")

The Hall, with full length windows providing an abundance

 of natural light, has a polished maple floor

which is a pleasure to dance on.

  We have recently purchased a new sound system, which   comprises of…

    600 watt amp with 5 inputs (including iPod connection)

        6 speakers (fixed at ceiling height)

        2 further stand mounted speakers

        one wireless mic.

We offer a set up demo to ensure that all goes well for your   event.

 (there is a small charge for the use of the sound system plus a refundable deposit is also required)

The hall also benefits from a projector and


which when used in conjunction with the P.A. System

makes for an excellent venue to hold meetings.

(there is a small charge for the use of the projector & screen plus a refundable deposit is also required)

  Another new addition is a stage, which can measure either

6’ x 16' or 12' x 16' and is available for a small fee.  

  We also offer the facility to line the main hall with marquee

style drapes - please click on the "photos" tab at the top of   the page.

  Included in the cost of the hire are:

18 large tables

220 chairs

8 low children's tables

24 children's chairs

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